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dot Source code red5 video chat roulettechat like
dot Unlimited scalability no bandwidth limitation
dot Works with any php hosting
dot Multi cam roulette open source
dot Flex, as3 roulette chat with 4 cams.

8 good reasons you will love the Visio Roulette open source chat application!

1. Source code of chatroulette is included

source codeSource code are included and documented. There are composed of a simple sql table, php script and of course Flex 3 action script. You can modify it, customize it as you want, add features, change aspect etc: you are free to do what ever you want

2. No dedicated server needed

server deicatedVisioRoulette is based on rtmp Red5 protocol: this means the meeting is made between 2 clients point to point without the need of having a RTMP server such as FMS, red5 or Wowza.
New version of roulette multi cam is avaible with red5

3. Chat is easy to be install

easy to be installed No need to setup dedicated server: you just copy the files into you folder and specify the database connection: that's all : it simply works !

4. Chat can grow to inifinity

infinity of usersThis is Red5 technology: that means you do not need dedicated server: the magick happens in clients PC not on your server : you can have thousands and thousands of connected users without impacting the server !

5. Roulette Chat is easy to me customized

easy to be customizedSource code is documented and all PHP services are external to Flash so you can make changes even if you do not know action script programming.

6. Roulette chat is Flash made - compatible with flash 9/10/11

flash made No plugins to be installed, no application to be downloaded: your clients just enters the chat !

7. Video roulette chat is fast

webcam fastIt uses UDP connection: that means no server to be notified: you just connects to someone else PC directly and start video audio chat !

8. We provide technical help on roulette chat webcam.

help Any problem you may find while installing ? New features required ? Don't worry we are here to help you.