Using Data Center Security to Strengthen Physical and Virtual Servers

Using Data Center Security to Strengthen Physical and Virtual Servers

Data Center Security is Essential for enterprises in order To guarantee cloud environments and security for both clouds in addition to server monitoring. It helps enterprises a secure transitioning into Software-Defined Data Centers SDDC wherein all significant programs – servers, databases, storage, networking, and business programs are virtualized.

Let us see in detail Symantec’s Data Center Security can be used by businesses to strengthen their virtual and physical servers:

Server Advanced

Symantec’s Data Center Security Offers enterprises support for Docker containers for cloud atmosphere and data centers hardening and tracking together with security. With the Data Center of Symantec Safety, enterprises are assured of security monitoring together with private in addition to public cloud environments – all in a simplified way, due to their virtual and physical servers.

Complete infrastructure tracking – VMware, Open Stack, and Docker container surroundings.

Any unexpected change in preferences, configurations or files is advised by alarms.

Quick detection and evaluation of any suspicious activity or violations in coverage Improved visibility, stronger compliance, and ocr hk simplified management Consolidated event logging to guarantee reporting, long-term retention and forensic investigation.

Physical and Virtual Servers


The Data Center Security structure from protects the servers of enterprises with threat protection and its attributes. Network intrusion prevention, agent less anti-malware protection, and document reputation services ensuring enhanced security functionality in VMware environment. Integration with vmware nsx hk shield for easy orchestration of security policies across data center security, server, and third party solutions Single guest virtual machine to wrap all safety performance and upgrades High availability, scalability and easier installation. Gets rid of the requirement of virus updates to each guest VM with the aid of centralized management Enterprises opting for data centre Services from cloud providers can increase Their efficiency respond to emerging and the existing security threats.

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